How to Raise Your Self Esteem

Knowing How to Raise Your Self Esteem

self esteem-self loveHave you ever thought about self esteem and what it is and how you can raise it? Do you consider your self esteem to be very low? Are you able to know it is low? Do you know exactly what to you should do about it? Well, one question that self esteem will answer in your life includes “How do you feel about who you are?” High self esteem is not something that is inherited or got from hereditary. This is what we need to understand and find out. Knowing who you are is always importance because this is one of the many issues that people have where their lives are concerned. Some people do not know who they are so they easily accept what people tell them and the impressions people make of them.

Global self esteem which has to do with “who you are” is very standard. Situational self esteem however is mostly about “what you do” which is fluctuating based on the issues, events and circumstances we face. Based on a moment, situational self esteem can be higher today and low the next day or even in a day, situational self esteem can be high at home and low at work or high at all places. Low self esteem is having negative thoughts about yourself. These types of evaluations mostly happen when some situations we face in our lives gets down to us.

Building self esteem or raising self esteem is not an easy thing to do although it is very possible. As we face the fears we have and learn to control our lives through the experiences we have through life, global self esteem automatically raises. There are times when psychotherapists are needed to help in the process while other times they might not be needed. However, below are some things you can do for now:

  1. Try your best to get sober and take very good care of yourself. Being addicted to some drug or some behaviors will only cause you harm.
  2. Make sure you learn how to enjoy yourself and have fun through new activities and hobbies.
  3. Make sure you stay away from people who are wrong influences to you.

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