7 Ways To Find a Good Couple’s Counselor

7 Killer Ways in Finding a Couple’s Counselor

Being in a relationship is the trickiest thing a couple can face. For the ‘relation’ to be put back in the ‘ship’, every couple should have an objective of helping now and then. So as to make things work in a relationship, the couples should choose a skilled family counselor who will be able to offer new approaches. Both you and your partner should find a counselor whom you will feel comfortable in his or her presence.

Expectations: You and your partner should sit down and find out what your expectations from couples counseling. While discussing, be considerate about each others expectations. Also, specify your goals in that exercise you are nearly getting yourselves into. If you feel they are helpful, then write them down.

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Therapist qualifications: Contact your prospective therapist and inquire about their licensing, education and experience. If a couple is having special issues’ such as depression, anger management or substance abuse, they should make sure that they ask the prospective counselor about his or her experience in that field. The married couples should also check the professional qualifications of their preferred therapist.

First meeting: When you meet your counselor for the first time, you should make sure that you and your partner discuss what you hope to accomplish in the program. Also, the married couples can talk about their preferred scheduling and the fees included.

Cost: If you have an issue with finances, then you will be forced to work with someone who is still in school or training. Mostly, they offer their services with reduced rates and normally they will have a professional supervisor to see how they perform in the field.

Duration: Your potential counselor should be in a position to ascertain how long it will take for your issues to be worked out. If you are not in a position to carry out the in depth work, then you might take a more preferred shorter solution based approach.

Respect and trust your instincts: Beware of any sign showing that things are not good as you might have taken them to be. Respect your partner’s opinion in choosing a good couples counselor.